Non-Metal Partials

Valplast Complete

Today dentists are prescribing Valplast® Flexible Partials for removable partial dentures (RPDs) because it makes a better, stronger appliance faster. Flexible material reduces chair time, eliminates invasive procedures and the cumbersome materials associated with rigid partials. In short, there is no longer any need for metal.

Metal-based RPD design is complex because it has to adapt rigid materials to a flexible environment. This leaves room for error particularly under conditions where ideal designs and clinical preparations are challenged. In contrast, the material in Valplast® flexible partials is perfectly suited to the variety of natural conditions in the mouth. It simplifies the design and enables the RPD itself to balance the simultaneous requirements of retention, support and stability.

Flexibility removes many of the unwanted aspects of metal partials. There are fewer steps in the treatment process because preparation of natural teeth is unnecessary. Without the metal frame, the fabrication and try-in processes have also been simplified. In addition, the choice of a Valplast® partial avoids the placement of metal in your patient's mouth, which allows you to satisfy the patient's interest in metal-free dentistry.

When you prescribe a genuine Valplast® partial, you give your patient far more than just a dental appliance. Valplast takes a comprehensive approach to both the science and the business of flexible partials. Since the beginning, it has been our mission to elevate removable partial dentures to a higher-level of function, simplicity and patient satisfaction. We provide the industry's most proven flexible RPD material backed by the most extensive knowledge, experience, training and advanced equipment.

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